GYR70700 butterfly valve


1 Bell Co from thirty years of manufacturing experience, based on customer requirements of the product design --- high performance soft seal butterfly valve; the absolute zero leakage design to meet the various engineering conditions of the ordinary and poor fluid medium cut off and adjustment needs,

2.GYR70700 series high performance butterfly valve adopts double eccentric structure design, the center of the shaft center double deviation from the valve body structure, and combined with the design of valve plate sealing surface, so that the valve plate is opened quickly out of the sealing seat, to reduce the friction between the sealing surface, the valve plate is closed with better sealing performance;

3.GYR70700 series of high performance butterfly valve has, Baer a number of independent patent technology, the center of the valve seat structure patented technology to engage a unique patented technology, so that the GYR70700 series high performance butterfly valve opening and closing torque is greatly reduced, effectively reducing the valve delay zone, improve the control accuracy, while reducing the valve operating torque.

4 valve seat uses a more durable and durable PTFE material, the highest can meet the temperature of 250 degrees of fluid medium.

5 we provide you with the high performance soft sealing butterfly valve all the manufacturing range from DN50 to DN1200 nominal diameter; from PN6 to PN40 nominal pressure; from -45 to 250 degree temperature region.

6 Bell Co on the high performance butterfly valve shaft seal structure of the two types of seals: one, the use of patented technology from the Bell Co of self sealing packing structure, as the standard type of stuffing box configuration. Two, the use of non sulfur graphite composite ring high efficiency, as a selection type of stuffing box configuration structure.

7 supporting the Bell Co's most advanced BR series piston type actuator, this series of executive bodies adopt double guide design, the piston is stable and reliable, with output torque, easy installation and maintenance, etc., through the piston seal ring seal, so that the gas source pressure on the piston, driven by the push rod to move, the stroke movement by pulling the fork section.