GYR-51100 series of eccentric rotary valve

◆ GYR-51100 eccentric part of the spherical valve core, it is in a straight-through valve body is equipped with a spherical spool, spool rotation center is not concentric with the axis of rotation, reducing seat wear and prolong life. The valve has a small size, light weight, large flow capacity, a wide range of adjustable sealing temperature range and other characteristics. Mainly applicable to the large viscosity occasions medium containing solid and easy to bond.
Technical Note
◆ body structure through lumen of the large capacity
Body specifications ANSI Class150, 300,600
JB1.6, 4.0,6.4 Mpa
◆ form of connection flange sealing surface type JB7759 recessed
Clip-on flange connection
Flow characteristics such as the percentage of properties, features quick
◆ implementing agencies pneumatic the: cylinder actuator L6000 series
Electronic: fully electronic 3810R Series 360R
Electric: DKJ series
◆ Standard Level Close CALSS Ⅳ (standard type, metal type)
CLASS V (Selection, soft seat)
Stream to the standard flow to the flow of spherical