GYR-512000 series ball control valve

◆ GYR-51200 concentric partial spherical spool, spool has a V-shaped incision, with the seat relative rotation shear force, the fibrous material cut off to prevent jamming. The valve has a small flow resistance, flow coefficient, the valve seat with energizer ring, adjustable sealing force, good sealing performance characteristics. Particularly suitable for the viscosity of the slurry and the particles with fiber medium automation control.

Technical Note

◆ body structure through lumen of the large capacity

Body specifications ANSI Class150, 300,600

JB1.6, 4.0,6.4 Mpa

◆ form of connection flange sealing surface type JB7759 recessed

Clip-on flange connection

Flow characteristics such as the percentage of properties, features quick

◆ implementing agencies pneumatic the: cylinder actuator L6000 series

Electronic: fully electronic 3810R Series 360R

Electric: DKJ series

◆ Standard Level Close CALSS Ⅳ (standard type, metal type)

CLASS V (Selection, soft seat)

Stream to the standard flow to the flow of spherical