GYL40600 series of balanced single-seat control valve

◆L-40600 with sleeve-oriented structure, pressure balanced spool is designed for heavy-duty conditions, using a balanced seal ring replacement on seat double seat into a seat, used the occasion of leakage requirements. The body structure is compact, fluid channel S was streamlined to improve the the sleeve surrounding fluid smooth flow diversion wing structure has advantages is the pressure drop is small liquidity, wide tuning range and high precision flow characteristics. Spool pressure balance structures can be controlled by smaller actuator thrust high differential pressure conditions, are widely used in the requirements of good dynamic stability, low temperature, low pressure pipeline fluid control. Good sealing performance, allowing a large pressure difference. Cage oriented, oriented area, good stability, compact, fast online replacement of internal parts, maintenance, high efficiency, saving time and manpower. Flow coefficient, adjustable range. Balanced spool design to ensure that the the actuator thrust required minimum cost savings.

◆ control valve parameter description
Trim Features: Single-seat structure with balanced seal ring
The balanced inner parts of the sleeve guide
The standard split valve cage / standard integrated cage
Body type: straight-through
Z-shaped angle type
On the valve cover types: normal temperature standard high-temperature heat low temperature elongation type
Temperature range: -60 ℃ ~ 250 ℃
Stem seal Type: standard packing
Bellows seal
Standard leakage class: CLASS V (standard type, metal seat)
CLASS VI (Selection, soft seat)
Percentage of the straight line of the flow characteristics:
And pipe connections: flanged buttweld
Adjustable ratio: 50:1