GYL20230 type low temperature control valve

◆L20230-type low-temperature control valve, seat-oriented imbalance trim structure, excellent dynamic stability and seat sealing performance. The sensitivity of stem seal bellows seal with standard stuffing box seal double measures the movement of the stem to ensure absolute tightness and stability in cryogenic conditions from cryogenic medium. Body cryogenic low temperature resistance of austenitic stainless steel or aluminum-magnesium alloys, and related materials to ensure that the valve body in the intensity of the cryogenic conditions. Seat oriented imbalance quick release the internals structure, DN100-caliber following selection the outside pumping bonnet structure cryogenic valve online maintenance very convenient. Conditions to choose a balanced trim, or noise reduction, anti-cavitation and special valve cage pieces.
(Specific trim see trim structure control valve)
◆ control valve parameter description
Characteristics of trim piece quick release structure: seat-oriented imbalance
Cage pressure seat (stainless steel body)
Cryogenic environment with the valve seat (aluminum body)
The bonnet trim on the outside pumping (DN100 caliber following optional)
Body type: straight-through angle formula z-shaped
On the bonnet Type: elongation trim pumping elongation
Temperature range: -196 ℃ ~ 300 ℃
Stem seal types: ordinary standard packing seal bellows seal
Standard leak Level: CLASSV (standard type, metal seat)
CLASSVI (DN100-caliber following optional soft seat)
Percentage of the straight line of the flow characteristics:
And pipe connections: flanged buttweld
Adjustable ratio: 50:1