GYL20800 Series imbalance labyrinth control valve

◆The L20800 labyrinth cage design combined with unbalanced trim, by the distribution of the surface of a plurality of coaxial cylindrical plate (layer) of the maze of winding paths superimposed composed, depending on the media process parameters, design multiple different maze Labyrinththe combination of specifications and superimposed layers into cage, cage the overall runner divided into many small detour even stepped distribution throttle runner, forcing the fluid to continue to gradually reduce the fluid pressure change in the flow and circulation area, in order to achievethe prevention of the occurrence of flash cavitation and prolong the service life of the valve trim. Unbalanced single-seat, heart valve and valve seat joints work closely together to ensure a very low leakage. The structure of such inner parts suitable for a variety of easy to produce blocking flow caused by cavitation process fluid conditions. Imbalance pieces to fit the specifications of the smaller diameter valves. (Large diameter specifications see L40800)
◆ control valve parameter description
Cage sets oriented imbalance piece cage pressure seat quick release structure labyrinth the gasket valve cage combination trim characteristics:
Body type: straight-through angle formula z-shaped
On the valve cover types: normal temperature standard high-temperature heat low temperature elongation type
Temperature range: -196 ℃ ~ 538 ℃
Stem seal types: the ordinary standard packing high temperature packing seal bellows seal
Standard leakage class: CLASS V (standard type, metal seat)
Percentage of the straight line of the flow characteristics:
And pipe connections: flange butt adjustable ratio: 30:1