GYL21241C lined straight trip regulating valve

◆ L21241C straight-lined stroke control valve, using the valve body and inner parts are all lined structure, effectively blocking the corrosive medium on the body of all metallic materials corrosion. Metal body cavity using the tooth machining process, the liner material is fully engaged with the metal, increase the service life and performance of the lining material. RTFE stem seal with bellows seal and V-type PTFE packing combination of the two, completely eliminating the valve stem from leaking out at the media. Full lined unbalanced control valve is particularly great use of highly corrosive media at room temperature for low pressure conditions.

◆ control valve Parameter Description    Trim Features: Unbalanced valve seat lined with dense bellows valve stem seal all inclusive shirt    Body type: straight-through angle type z-shaped    Bonnet Type: Bellows elongation type    Temperature range: -45 ℃ ~ 150 ℃    Stem seal type: Normal standards packing bellows seal    Standard Leakage class: CLASSVI (available selection, soft seat)    Flow characteristics: equal percentage linear    And pipe connections: flange    Adjustable ratio: 50: 1